Watch the first two minutes of Monsters

by W. Andrew Powell
Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able in Monsters

Aliens walk the Earth this Friday, November 12 as D Films debuts Gareth Edwards’ sci-fi thriller, Monsters, which opens in major cities across Canada.

Set six years in the future, after a NASA probe containing alien life crashed in Central America, Monsters follows two people as they try to survive the wilds of the “Infected Zone” on their way back to the safety of America, where a massive fence now tries to keep the creatures from spreading further north.

On their way back home, the duo will meet those living in the shadow of the aliens, while they also try to avoid these gigantic creatures that separate them from their home.

The film stars Scoot McNairy as photographer Andrew Kaulder, who is charged with protecting Samantha Wynden, played by Whitney Able, on the long trip out of Mexico.

Watch the first two minutes of Monsters below, courtesy of D Films…

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