Review: Mary Magdalene

One of the most passionless films ever made about the foundations of Christianity and one of the most controversial, divisive, and debated figures in biblical history, Australian filmmaker Garth Davis’ Mary Magdalene relegates its fascinatingly complex titular character to the sidelines of her own story.

Review: Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, a recently completed concert film that took nearly fifty years to come to the big screen, captures music icon Aretha Franklin both in the prime of the late singer’s illustrious career and delivering a deeply personal album that lesser artists at the height of their fame might otherwise shy away from.

Review: Fausto

A work of contemplative art that packs its small, unassuming, and intimately composed frame to bursting with unanswerable questions about man’s place in the universe, Canadian filmmaker Andrea Bussmann’s avant garde opus Fausto uses tried and tested oral and literary storytelling traditions in an effort to get closer to the ethereal and sublime.