Listen: Hope Waidley’s “To My Mother”

Hope Waidley

Michigan-born folk-pop singer & songwriter Hope Waidley has an incredible, striking voice, and her new single “To My Mother” exudes confidence, with a story that’s heartfelt and powerful.

“It feels impossible to put someone like my mother into the perfect words,” Waidley said. “This woman has the purest heart, one that love pours out of in the most precious way.

“She has always put her family’s needs before her individual needs, she is humble and raw, and she never hid her wounds from us which is something I’m incredibly grateful for because we got to see how God heals those wounds.”

“I’m just a college kid writing songs,” she said during a chat in her RV along the California coast. “I’ve often felt as if each song I write is a friend to me, a friend that is filled with everything I need to hear at that moment, whether it be to cope or simply just to process.”

Listen to Hope Waidley’s “To My Mother” below, and you can also hear the acoustic version on Spotify. Plus, scroll down to watch her video for her previous single, “Closure”. The track has over a million streams on Spotify, and beyond the gorgeous visuals, it’s a seriously gorgeous track that shows off a bit of her range, and gutsy vocals.

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