Listen: Andrea Wasse’s “Anchor”

by W. Andrew Powell

Andrea Wasse is one of my favourite indie musicians. Before she moved to LA, she was the lead singer of Toronto’s The Weekend (the band that, incidentally, forced singer The Weeknd to drop the e in his stage name), and since then she’s moved on to write and co-write numerous singles, and perform with the goth pop duo Digital Daggers.

Her new single “Anchor”, which you can hear in the Lifetime movie Girl in the Bathtub, sums up some of Wasse’s greatest strengths as a singer and songwriter. There’s a delicate peace to the track, as well as yearning and heartache, but most of all, the single is just beautiful and moving.

Listen to the track below, or for something a little more fierce, check out her previous single, “Ain’t No Devil” on Spotify.

Follow Andrea Wasse on Facebook, Instagram, and you can also follow Digital Daggers on Instagram.

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