Watch: Luciana Zogbi’s “My Waves”

by W. Andrew Powell
Luciana Zogbi

Luciana Zogbi’s “My Waves” is a beautiful, acoustic single that comes from the singer & songwriter’s heart.

“Where language fails, music speaks,” Zogbi said, and she suggests the song is a metaphor for how music can be a universal language.

With just her guitar and vocals, “My Waves” is a touchingly simple single that feels like you’re sitting down in Zogbi’s back yard for a private performance.

The singer, composer, and YouTuber started out covering songs, but since then she’s earned over 2.5 million subscribers from around the world, and started releasing her own songs.

Her recent single, “Down by the River” has over a million views on YouTube and was inspired by the legend of Charon, the ferryman who takes souls to Hades.

Watch the video for “My Waves” below, and follow Zogbi on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and visit her website to find out more about her music.

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