Lazy Sunday News: ‘Star Wars’ lives, View-Master the movie, and ‘90210’ Rumer

by W. Andrew Powell

Star Wars

Star Wars

Where Have All The Jedis Gone: The Star Trek movie may have come out on top in the nerdy see-saw this year, but its arch nemesis is preparing a fresh offensive according to a few Australian reports.

Numerous fan sites are buzzing this weekend after one online source suggested that George Lucas‘ long-rumoured live action Star Wars TV series is currently filming in Australia.

Although it’s not exactly confirmed yet, the suggestion seems to be that the show is moving ahead quickly and may include Bobba Fett “will be an instrumental part of the series,” as reported.

John Edwards, an Australian TV writer and producer, is rumoured to be working on the series, which will focus on non-Jedi characters set somewhere between the Episode III and Episode IV films.

The show could debut as early as 2010, but frankly I’m willing to wait until 2020 if it means Lucas and crew can find a way to revive the franchise. My vote: ditch everyone who has worked on the franchise and bring in some fresh blood for a change. And for the love of the Force, no more freaking space politics.


Toy To Screen: In a story that I can only call Hollywood’s latest attempt at bizarre one-upmanship in the “We’re-Out-Of-Ideas” category, plans are under way for a film based on Fisher Price’s View-Master toy.

That’s right, the plastic view-finder that lets you see images in 3-D is going to be the focus of an entire film.

Eagle Eye producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are backing the effort, which screenwriter Brad Kane is suggesting will be like old 80s classics like The Goonies.

Leaving the focus of the film alone, for now, the big downside is that Kane is a pretty fresh-faced writer, who so far is best known as the writer and producer of the TV series Fringe. (Although he is also supposed to be the singing voice of Aladdin, according to IMDb.)

That said, I’ll give the film the benefit of the doubt. After all, look no further than Jumanji for proof that a simple object, such as a board game, can be the pivotal device in a decently-made film.


90210’s Lesbian Rumer: Lastly, Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is set to make a guest appearance on 90210 according to Access Hollywood.

Set to appear in at least one episode, Willis will play Gia, “a punky cute lesbian who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.”

Willis may become a bit of a hot topic this fall with the return of 90210, and since Willis also stars in the slasher film, Sorority Row, which hits theatres on September 11. The GATE interviewed Willis about the film and will have the story in early August.

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