Pitchin’ Tunes: “Blackout” by The Weakness

by W. Andrew Powell
The Weakness album cover
Featured Artist for July 15, 2010


It is commonly acknowledged that for something to live, something else has to die. If one were to venture forth in search of an example, one must look no further than where you find yourself now. From the ashes of a band once called October Nites has risen a powerful pop-rock Phoenix known as The Weakness (www.theweakness.com).

The stars had already aligned, it would seem, when the face-melting finger wizardry of lead guitarist Naren Ananda chanced to unite with the soul shaking percussive styling of drummer Brandon Wakeham. However, when combined with the thunderous support of bassist Bryan King, and the histrionic lyrical onslaught of vocalist Ryan Coughlin, something truly inspired has been brought to life.

So, gentle reader, I humbly implore you to hesitate no longer and… give it up for The Weakness.

“Blackout” by The Weakness

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