Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 7 luxury gift ideas for the person who has everything

by W. Andrew Powell

The GATE presents our top seven luxury gifts that will impress and inspire the person in your life who has everything. From the premium Wheels Up flight service, and The Macallan M whisky in a Lalique crystal decanter, to Montblanc, Hamilton Watch, the Samsung Curved UHD TV, and the unique Nikon Df camera, these gifts are “wow” worthy for high-end holiday gift givers.

Wheels Up - King Air 350i
Wheels Up | $15,750

For the executive in your life, or the constant traveller who flies frequently, Wheels Up is a service that gives members access to flights on their own terms through a special fleet of private jets. Whether they’re flying with clients, or family, Wheels Up can accommodate the busy traveller.

The flight service is incredibly flexible, to meet the needs of its members, providing businesses and individuals with what they call “mission-appropriate” aircraft all the way from the King Air 350i to the big and luxurious Global 6000. The one-time first-year fee is $15,750, and after that members to Wheels Up pay an annual fee of $7,250, plus the hourly cost of the flights which start at $3,950 for occupied hours. It’s a service that will get travellers to their destination and back home on their own schedule.

The Macallan M
The Macallan M | $5,000

It is not an understatement to call it, “The Ultimate Macallan”. The Macallan M is a rare and precious treat of fine Scottish whisky, served in a fine Lalique crystal decanter to properly display the precious spirit.

Part of The Macallan’s 1824 series of Scotch whiskies, The Macallan M is complex, beautiful, and it’s a spectacular experience for the fine connoisseur.

Designed by creative director Fabien Baron, the bottle certainly says it all, highlighting the bright rosy whisky inside that has a nose of dried fruits, vanilla, ginger and spices. On the palate, the spices open up to wood smoke, raisin, nutmeg, and orange. It’s a complex single-malt Scotch that offers a range of flavours that melt over your tongue, finishing in a satisfying warmth that can only be described as the perfect finish to a premium spirit, and unlike any other.

The Macallan M is an experience to be savoured, treasured, and ultimately enjoyed with cherished friends and family, making it the perfect holiday gift.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Moon Pearl LeGrand Fountain Pen
Montblanc Meisterstück Moon Pearl LeGrand Fountain Pen | $3,195

Montblanc’s pens are beautiful writing instruments that glide across paper, and they are inspiring in their perfectly designed simplicity.

From Montblanc’s Meisterstück collection, the Moon Pearl LeGrand Fountain Pen is tipped with an 18K gold rhodium-plated nib, and features the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl, and a design that is suggests the shine of pearl reflected in moonlight.

The rich tones of Montblanc’s ink–Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Burgundy Red, Lavender Purple, Oyster Gray, Toffee Brown, and Irish Green–complement this perfect pen, flowing from the nib like art, and elevating any note or letter with style.

Hamilton Khaki Takeoff
Hamilton Khaki Takeoff Auto Chrono Limited Edition | $3,295

Hamilton’s Khaki Takeoff Auto Chrono Limited Edition watch is designed to meld Swiss movement with American spirit, taking the company’s aviation heritage to new heights in a design that is both classy, and bold, while referencing the classic watches and aviation designs of World War II.

Numbered at just 1,9999 pieces, the Khaki Takeoff Auto Chrono Limited Edition is delivered in a wooden storage case, and features yellow markings on a black design that includes a clever plane-shaped chronograph second hand. For pilots and aviation fans, the watch features the crown at the 12 o’clock for easy-access and beautiful symmetry that is unlike any other time piece.

Inspired by cockpit instruments, the Khaki Takeoff is also detachable from the beautiful black leather strap, and can be stored using the box as a display case to show it off.

Samsung Curved UHD TV
Samsung Curved UHD TV | $3,500

Bring the unique curved display of Samsung’s Curved Ultra High Definition TVs to your loved-one’s home this holiday season so they can experience television in a whole new way.

Samsung Curved UHD TV’s range in size from 50″ to 110″, and feature the latest Smart TV experience to help viewers multitask their entertainment with the ability to split the screen into four spaces, plus the TV has a blazing fast processor and contextual search that can be used while you watch television.

The overall viewing experience, however, is what makes the Samsung Curved UHD TV truly unique. From a natural viewing distance, the television has a panoramic effect that helps immerse the viewer in a theatrical experience that is unlike any other screen. The panoramic effect even makes the screen seem bigger, while Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer technology helps enhance colours, clarity and details to make the image as immersive as possible.

Watching premium 4K content on the screen, with a high-end audio system, is almost as good as sitting down in your own private theatre.

Nikon Df
Nikon Df | $3,299

The Nikon Df is a modern digital camera that reflects back on Nikon’s history of classic 35mm film cameras. For anyone who has held one of Nikon’s classic cameras, the Df feels familiar, and uses dials for all of the camera’s main manual controls.

Featuring a 16.2-megapixel sensor, the camera offers great images, even in lower-light conditions, and features a 50mm f/1.8G lens with the special edition, and it comes in all-black or classic black-and-silver.

Aside from the controls and design, the Nikon Df is one of the rare cameras to also put photography ahead of everything else–there are no extraneous camera features like video, for example.

For the camera-fanatic in your life, this camera will put a smile on their face, and will undoubtedly become a constant companion on trips and travels.


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