Ikea launching three new collections with European fashion designers

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Giltig by Katie Eary

Ikea is making a rare partnership with European designers to launch three new limited collections between April and September this year at their stores in Canada. The innovative and unique partnership marks the first time the retailer is releasing collections that respond directly to the modern fashion trend, and combines several factors to create designs that are still affordable.

The first new collection will be available in April when menswear London-based designer, Katie Eary, launches the “in your face” Gilting line, pictured above, which the company described as “over the top design”. Gilting features assorted soft furnishings with vibrant prints.

Next, in June, Ikea collaborates with designer Walter Van Beirendonck for the Glödande collection, which will focus on a range of “ready-to-cut fabrics, paper stationary, rugs, porcelain and pillows” that the company described as focusing on the “playfulness, curiosity and avant-garde flair” of the designer.

Finally, in September, Ikea will launch Svärtan, designed by Martin Bergstrom. Svärtan is focused on combining complex Swedish and Indian design to create an assortment of products made only in black, white and beautiful shades of gray. These products will include bed linens, textiles, paper products, rugs, bowls, glassware and metal objects.

“Ikea’s emphasis has always been on good, functional, practical design at affordable prices for the many”, explained Lucy Frechette, Ikea Canada’s PR manager. “The Limited Edition Collections allow us to explore the unknown, try new things with fashion experts bringing excitement to homes across Canada.”

These new exclusive collections focus on refreshing your interior design, and push the limits of what can successfully be achieved via large scale production in the furnishing world.

Svartan by Martin Bergström
Svartan by Martin Bergström
Glodande by Walter Van Beirendonck
Glodande by Walter Van Beirendonck

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