Heineken BrewLock Pour Lounge celebrates fresh new kegs with a few pints

Heineken draft

Heineken launched their new BrewLock kegs in Canada recently, at their Heineken BrewLock Pour Lounge in Toronto, by offering up a few pints to their social media and VIP friends, and aside from nibbles, a DJ, pint pouring training, it was a great Friday afternoon break to hoist a few fresh pints.

While the venue was decorated to look like the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam, the star of the evening was the BrewLock kegs. They were on display throughout the space, but they certainly don’t look anything like your average keg, and part of the benefit to these new kegs is that they keep beer as fresh as the day it left the brewery. That’s a big benefit, but it’s not the only one.

The new kegs hold 20 litres of beer, and they’re double-walled and completely recyclable, not to mention a lot lighter and easier to stack. The new BrewLock kegs are sealed to keep air, carbon dioxide, and any mixed gases from ever touching the beer, which is exactly what keeps them tasting fresh. There’s just a small compressor which essentially squeezes the inner lining of the keg to push the beer out the draught line. That keeps it fresher than ever, from the first to the last drop.

Heineken’s Global Draught Master, Laurens Raven, was on hand to show off the kegs, and to help teach the proper way to pour a pint, which is a bit trickier than you might expect.

Heineken has even launched a “beer finder” on the BrewLock site so you can sample the beer from the new kegs yourself.

Thanks to Heineken for having us, and expect to hear more about the new kegs as we head into summer and patio season.

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