Review: When They See Us

Although it takes a considerable amount of time to find its own unique voice and roar to vibrant, earth shaking, soul rending life, by the time it all wraps up Ava DuVernay’s epic miniseries When They See Us delivers some of the filmmaker’s most potent, unforgettable, and best work to date.

Review: The Perfection

About all that’s missing from director and co-writer Richard Shepard’s gleefully nasty revenge thriller The Perfection are cackling, wisecracking appearances from The Cryptkeeper at the beginning and end of the film as bookends, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Review: Knock Down the House

A rousing and insightful look at the divisions currently occurring in American politics today, Rachel Lears’ inspiring and entertaining documentary Knock Down the House is less about examining a specific movement within the Democratic Party and more about the people attempting to implement much needed changes to a stagnating two-party system.