Review: Springsteen on Broadway

A remarkable and captivating blend of autobiography, performance, and motivational speaking, Springsteen on Broadway distills everything that makes one of America’s greatest singer-songwriter-rock stars such a formidable, genial, and inviting personalities into a single, visual volume.

Review: The Innocent Man

For their latest longform true crime project, Netflix partners up with author John Grisham to adapt one of his few non-fiction books, The Innocent Man, into an effortlessly binge-worthy series that maintains the writer’s status as one of America’s preeminent purveyors of pageturners.

Review: Cam

Falling well short of its intention to become a De Palma indebted flick for the digital age, the disappointing and tough-to-stomach thriller Cam almost succeeds in becoming captivating viewing thanks to an exceptional leading performance and an intriguing premise.

Review: A Final Cut for Orson

In addition to the film itself and the feature length look back at the production’s rocky history, Netflix and the people driving the restoration and completion effort behind The Other Side of the Wind have produced an insightful forty minute documentary about the difficult nature of reconstructing the bits and pieces of Welles footage on a technical level. Documentarian and frequent behind-the-scenes-look producer Ryan Suffern speaks with the people directly involved with making Welles’ vision a posthumous reality with A Final Cut for Orson.