Review: the documentary ‘Chasing Coral’

As a work of cinema, Chasing Coral is ambitious and unprecedented. As a work of advocacy, it has the power to open eyes and make people at least try to save something that we frighteningly might have done too much damage to already. It’s also a film that isn’t afraid of making its advocacy into a personal crusade for the people involved, but it does so without being hokey, preachy, maudlin, or sentimental. It’s honest, unflinching, and unabashed in how it depicts coral as an unseen force that should unite us all. It’s also one of the most unmissable films of the year.

Review: ‘Okja,’ starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal

Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho delivers another fantastical allegory with Okja, following similarly themed, but perhaps more action packed efforts like The Host and Snowpiercer. While those films were a lot darker and more relentless in their approach and aims, don’t let Okja’s overall gentility and flashes of kindness fool you. This is just as cutting, biting, and insightful as his previous works. It’s still not a subtle effort, and a lot of the messages can easily be seen on the film’s surface without much digging or unpacking, but that approach works well with Joon Ho’s tendency towards science fiction and the ethereal.

Hurricane Bianca

Weekly: Bianca Del Rio, Diageo cocktails, summer planning, and Air Transat

Surprise! It’s June and it’s busy! I always know what to expect, and I won’t complain because it’s always a fun, action-packed month full of adventures. Last week started it all off with a few highlights, including the screening for Now You See Me 2, actress Ellen Page and director Patricia Rozema in town to talk about Into The Forest, director Allan Ungar for his film Gridlocked, and star Bianca Del Rio and director Matt Kugelman for Hurricane Bianca at Inside Out Film Festival, to name a few things.

Mahershala Ali as Remy

Mahershala Ali talks Remy Danton in ‘House of Cards’ season 3

The third season of House of Cards debuted on Netflix a few weeks ago, and once again it has fans talking about their favorite characters, and the plight of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), and his friends and enemies. Among that group of politicians and those stuck between politicians, some characters fall into a grey zone of intentions, even between villain and anti-hero, including Remy Danton, played by Mahershala Ali, who is now the White House Chief of Staff in season three.