Review: Recovery Boys

With last year’s Oscar nominated short film Heroin(e), documentarian Elaine McMillion Sheldon looked at women working on the front lines of West Virginia’s rampant opioid drug crisis. Her latest feature, Recovery Boys, returns to the same geographical location for an even more personal and fraught narrative surrounding drug addiction.

Review: Alex Strangelove

Although comparisons to the similarly queer themed teenage rom-com Love, Simon from earlier this year are inevitable, writer-director Craig Johnson’s raunchier Netflix original film Alex Strangelove has more in common with the American Pie franchise than John Hughes, and that shift from gentility to risqué behaviour works greatly in its favour.

Review: ‘The Polka King’

The darkly comedic biopic The Polka King is a well made example of a “straight to Netflix” film. This “stranger than fiction” look at a former oom-pah-pah baron and Grammy nominee who perpetrated massive amounts of fraud in the 1990s is lean, fast paced, almost completely devoid of filler, and likely works better at home than it would in the confines of a theatre. Netflix is the perfect place for a film like The Polka King, and that’s not in any way a knock against the talent and effort that went into making it.