Review: The Other Side of the Wind

Unseen and unfinished for over forty years, The Other Side of the Wind, the final film embattled auteur Orson Welles was attempting to make long before he passed away in 1985, has finally reached completion thanks to the restorational, editorial, and logistical efforts of admirers, modern day contemporaries, and former collaborators, and perhaps unsurprisingly it showcases some of his most ambitious and finest work.

Review: Shirkers

Cinematic history is littered with abandoned, cancelled, unfinished, indefinitely shelved, or lost projects that have obscured major talents with ambitious ideas and potentially game changing perspectives from mainstream acclaim and notoriety, but few such cases of produced, but unseen art are as complex, personal, and mysterious as the one outlined in Sandi Tan’s documentary Shirkers.

Review: Recovery Boys

With last year’s Oscar nominated short film Heroin(e), documentarian Elaine McMillion Sheldon looked at women working on the front lines of West Virginia’s rampant opioid drug crisis. Her latest feature, Recovery Boys, returns to the same geographical location for an even more personal and fraught narrative surrounding drug addiction.