Review: Spider PowerForce headphones

by W. Andrew Powell
Spider PowerForce headphones

Spider PowerForce headphones
Price: $129
Rated: 8/10


  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Detachable, coiled cord
  • Priced against major competitors


  • Earpieces can become uncomfortable

Spider’s PowerForce headphones stand out in a crowded audio marketplace, which is no easy feat, but they’re among the most impressively styled and outstanding audio products I’ve had the chance to review at this price point, and that’s against major companies as well.

The sound quality of the PowerForce headphones is what makes them worth the price. With 40mm drivers, each of the earpieces offers clear and strong sound quality that covers the range nicely. Compared against major brands, the headphones perform above average, thanks to crystal highs and especially deep lows, and with a solid mid-range.

In terms of design, the PowerForce headphones also stand out with two available styles: black with red stitching on the headband, or white with gold stitching. For my tastes, both the black and white designs are eye-catching, but I think that the black and red design is the most striking. In addition, the headphones have the incredibly cool Spider logo accented in metal on each earpiece, which makes them really stand out.

The earpieces themselves feature memory foam, which makes them more comfortable than a lot of headphones I have tried. While they aren’t as comfortable as some higher-priced, premium headphones, they come close. My only complaint is that, like a lot of over-ear headphones in this price range, the PowerForce’s biggest flaw is that they can be fairly uncomfortable if you plan to wear them for more than an hour at a time, because they become hot and feel a bit tight, but I’m hopeful that once I wear them in they will improve.

Using the headphones, the design also seem very solid. Without actually trying to break them, opening, closing, and expanding them made me feel like they can take a fair amount of abuse with no trouble, but it’s worth noting that the metallic finishing on the SpiderForce headphones is actually just plastic. The plastic does seem durable, but it’s plastic nonetheless.

Included with the headphones is a pouch for basic protection during travel, a 9 foot and 4 foot detachable cable, and a ¼ inch adapter.

I was introduced to Spider and their line of headphones audio products at CES in Las Vegas last month, and I was immediately impressed with their design and audio quality. Next to other headphones in the same price range, the PowerForce meets or exceeds expectations, which is why I would recommend them to anyone who wants solid sound quality in a design that is effortlessly cool.

Spider PowerForce

Spider PowerForce

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