Review: Dyson Humidifier with ultraviolet cleanse technology

by W. Andrew Powell

Update: After four years of use, the Dyson Humidifier base started leaking. Dyson support can’t replace the base of the unit, so it’s unfortunately a problem that can’t be fixed after warranty has expired.

Humidifiers are one of the most beneficial products for your home, but most models are not made to last. For the first few months, many of them will work, but over time, they almost always run into problems. The Dyson Humidifier is unlike any I’ve owned before, and it’s easily my favourite because of three key features that make it stand apart from the competition.

First though, let’s talk about why humidifiers are important. If you’ve never owned a humidifier, you might wonder how they’re useful.

In most homes, particularly with forced-air heating, it can get very dry during the winter, and dry air is the enemy of your sinuses and skin. In my condo, the air gets so dry in the winter that we sometimes suffer through extended colds, and our lips get chapped fairly quickly. A humidifier helps alleviate these issues, particularly when you’re fighting a cold or have sinus problems. You may actually be amazed what a humidifier can do for your sinuses.

During allergy season, humidifiers also help your nasal passages for those who suffer from hayfever, and they can also help with eczema problems. Keeping your air comfortable can even help reduce the likelihood of nasal infections.

Dyson Humidifier

There’s one drawback to most humidifiers though, and that’s the risk of spreading bacteria around your home. That brings me to my first favorite feature on the Dyson Humidifier: the ultraviolet cleanse technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water. Bacteria can easily grow inside your humidifier, and the mist from the machine can spread them around your home. The Dyson Humidifier pre-treats the water before dispersing it though, and combined with proper monthly cleaning, ensures your humidifier and your air will stay hygienic.

The Dyson Humidifier features simple controls to set the overall humidity and air speed, with sensors that balance the humidity levels you set. Using the humidifier’s remote, you can set the humidity between 30% and 60%, and the fan speed goes from 1 to 10. For an average room, setting the humidity to 30% and the fan to 2 provides quiet operation that will last up to 18 hours of continuous use, depending on the room size.

As well, the Air Multiplier loop helps evenly spread the humidity around the room, without the noise of fan blades.

My second favourite feature is the design. Dyson is one of my favorite brands for design, and their humidifier does not look like standard humidifiers. The design stands out, without being obtrusive, and I love that the loop seems to do a better job of spreading humidity in the room. With an average humidifier, the moisture seems to drift from the machine onto the floor, but the loop on the Dyson provides much better air and humidity flow, distributing air more evenly throughout the room.

Thirdly, I love that the Dyson Humidifier is a multi-purpose machine. When you’re not using it as a humidifier, the machine can also work as a fan. On the remote you can turn the humidity off, and run the fan on its own. On a warm summer day, it’s great option rather than needing to own a fan too.

Dyson Humidifier - Closeup

While I loved the humidifier, I would suggest a few things to keep in mind. The design is unique and appealing, and it comes with a very long power cable, but the power plug is fairly large. I had the perfect place to plug it in, and no issues, but the plug will take up a fair bit of space wherever you plug it in.

As well, the water reservoir is located under the loop, so you have to remove the loop, and then lift the reservoir to fill it, but the reservoir’s shape means it won’t sit flat in your sink. That meant that I had to steady the reservoir under the tap while I was filling it, or hold it while I filled it.

Lastly, the humidifier is quite quiet during normal operation with the fan speed at 4 or under, but above speed 5 it can be a little noisy if you’re sitting close to it.

Overall, I would recommend the Dyson Humidifier to anyone who wants a long-term humidifier that will last. Like any humidifier, you will need to follow the monthly maintenance to keep it clean, but I expect the Dyson will last longer than other models, and it will keep your air much more hygienic thanks to that all-important ultraviolet cleanse technology. That feature alone makes the Dyson Humidifier well worth the price.

Dyson Humidifier with ultraviolet cleanse technology

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