Test driving the BMW M760Li xDrive

Before the Canadian International AutoShow opened its doors to car lovers last week, I had the chance to get into the BMW M760Li xDrive for a test drive with Shawn Stephens from BMW Canada. Taking the car out around downtown Toronto, Stephens showed off the luxury vehicle, including the new autonomous driving features.

Stephens is the National Manager of Aftersales Systems, Strategy & Planning for BMW Group Canada, and offered a great glimpse at the features, how they work, and what makes the car so unique.

The M760Li xDrive is a gorgeous car, and the matte finish makes the car stand out. It’s eye-catching, sleek, and comfortable, with a back-seat that feels like you’re sitting down in a private jet.

Under the hood, the M760Li features the M Performance TwinPower Turbo twelve-cylinder, 6.6-litre engine, which can output 600 HP, pushing the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

However it’s the driving features that I found most interesting, since the BMW M760Li includes a lot of features, from remote control parking using the high-end key fob, to parking assistant, gesture control, and the remarkable semi-autonomous Driving Assistant Plus system.

First, let’s talk about the semi-autonomous Driving Assistant. This system allows the car to provide steering assistance on clearly marked roads, and while you still need to stay focused on driving, the system does take a lot of stress out of the drive. The system also keeps your car a safe distance from other vehicles, and with Active Cruise Control supports stop and go traffic.

Thanks to a series of cameras around the vehicle, which provide a full 360 degree field of vision, the BMW M760Li can effortlessly park in any reasonably-sized space, whether it’s perpendicular or parallel. You just drive next to the space, and the car will indicate when it’s ready to park. Those cameras are also part of the system that provides lane-keeping assistance, and a number of other features while driving.

Finally though, one of the most incredible things that BMW M760Li can do is actually controlled from the key fob. As McConnell suggested, if you’ve ever had to park in a tight space, it can be tough getting in or out of the car. With remote control parking, you can actually start the car, and safely move it forward or back by a few feet so you can then get in. The fob has a touch-sensitive screen, so you can start the car, and then control it to slowly move forward.

Watch the video below to see all of the features in action and get more details about the M760Li on the BMW website.

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