Versatility and performance: BMW 640i xDrive GT

The BMW 640i xDrive Gran Turismo is a dream, luxury vehicle. The exceptionally well-made car combines sporty handling with a spacious interior and a hatchback for overall design and functionality that makes it uniquely useful and fun to drive.

For a week, I drove the 640i GT, around Toronto, and out to Prince Edward County, and got a feel for the vehicle on all types of roads, and while the car has a unique design that sets it apart from most vehicles, that’s also exactly why I enjoyed it so much.

BMW 640i GT

Design & Styling

The profile of the BMW 640i GT is a lot like most BMWs. The car is sleek and smart looking. From the front or back though, the car has a slightly wider design with a wedge-shaped hood, and a trim but high trunk.

Overall, it’s a standout design because it doesn’t fit neatly into one class. The car combines elements of a sporty sedan with a wagon and a hatchback, but the focus of the design makes it much sportier.

BMW seems to have clearly designed the car to fill a gap between larger sedans and crossovers or even SUVs. For those who want the extra space in a luxury vehicle, and need versatility, the 640i GT nicely fills a space in the market.

Interior & Features

In the driver’s seat, the BMW 640i GT is luxurious, well appointed, and very smart. Compared to some luxury automakers, BMW has a more modern and tech savvy approach, and the features in this car will satisfy a wide range of drivers.

The interior leather on the seats is supple and perfectly comfortable, with gorgeous wood trim throughout, and everything within easy reach. It’s quick and easy to switch driving modes, change the display from audio to the the guidance system, and there’s even a heads up display showing the speed softly illuminated on the windshield below your field of vision.

In terms of technology, the list of features is extensive in the 640i GT, but a few, in particular, stand out.

Behind the wheel of the BMW 640i xDrive GT
Behind the wheel of the BMW 640i xDrive GT

The most impressive piece of technology is the steering and lane control assistant, which helps take some of the tedium out of driving. Combined with the active cruise control, the steering assistant means that you can take your hands off the wheel for up to 30 seconds and the car will stay within the lane, while maintaining the cruise control speed. Thanks to the 640i GT’s radar system, that senses vehicles in front of you, the car will also slow to match traffic.

On a longer road trip, when you’re on the highway, or even commuting, this is a major stress-reliever, I have to say. Especially in stop-and-go traffic.

And then there’s parking. The 640i GT includes a parking assistant that automatically finds available spaces and parks the car for you, whether it’s parallel or perpendicular. Plus, with the available display key, you can unlock and lock the car, but you can also use remote control parking to move the car into or out of tight spaces. That feature in particular feels a bit like magic, but you use the display key to connect to the car, and then push up or down on the display to move the car forward or back (you can see the same feature in the M760Li xDrive).

The radio can also be a major source of distraction for drivers, so BMW has gesture controls you can use to raise or lower the volume, skip songs or stations, or for a custom command you setup. Out of all the features, I used this one the most, and it is surprisingly quick and easy.

Speaking of radio, the upgraded audio option, featuring the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, that offers 1,400 watts and 16 illuminated speakers, is really gorgeous in the car. The quality of the system isimpressive, and really fills the car with bright, clear audio, no matter what kind of music you like to enjoy.

BMW 640i GT

Engine & Driving Modes

The 640i GT features a powerful 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine that can take the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds. It’s a fast car, but it also has options to provide more fuel economy too.

The transmission is a speedy 8-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission that includes shift paddles on the sport leather steering wheel.

With the Dynamic Handling package, the car includes four driving modes, from Comfort, to Adaptive, Sport, and Eco Pro.

Most impressively, Adaptive mode actually helps adjust the car’s handling based on the navigation system, so you get the smoothest ride, which is even smoother thanks to the adaptive suspension and active roll stabilization, which smooth out bumps and rough surfaces, even at higher speeds.

While Sport mode can be a lot of fun, offering the most power and performance, the Eco Pro mode is useful if you’re trying to save some gas. The system can reduce gas consumption up to 20% by coasting whenever you take your foot off the gas peddle, as well as adjusting acceleration and the transmission.

Pricing & Packages

The base price for 640i GT car is $76,700, and with the package I drove, which also included the Plus Premium Package, Dynamic Handling, Advanced Driver Assistance Package, Remote Parking, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, the car came to $97,150.

Considering all of the technology, the features, the gorgeous interior, the overall quality of the vehicle, and the versatility of the car, I absolutely adored the 640i GT. You can also easily pick and choose your favorite features to get the right price, depending on what features fit your needs.

For anyone who wants versatility in a luxury car, and doesn’t want a larger vehicle, the 640i GT is a fantastic option with a lot of power and capacity, plus driving it will bring a smile to your face.

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