DJI Mini 2 arrives with 4k video, Ocusync 2.0, and up to 4X zoom

by W. Andrew Powell
DJI Mini 2

There’s a light, new drone for your next adventure and it’s compact, powerful and very affordable for both drone enthusiasts and new flyers.

DJI announced the DJI Mini 2 today, and it’s a seriously fun, versatile, and creative-friendly drone with big upgrades from the original Mavic Mini. Weighing just 249 grams, the folding drone features 4K 30p @ 100 Mbps video, Ocusync 2.0 transmission, 31 minutes of flying time, and 2X lossless zoom at 4K resolution.

Compared to its predecessor, the Mavic Mini, the Mini 2 still features a 1/2.3-inch sensor that can capture 12-megapixel images, but the 4K video quality is a very impressive upgrade, packing more details into every frame.

I’ve been flying the new drone for nearly a week now, and the quality has consistently impressed me in numerous conditions.

Adding digital zoom to the drone, the Mini 2 can also capture 4X zoom at 1080p, 3X zoom at 2.7K, and 2X zoom at 4K, and it saves JPEG + RAW images, letting you get closer to every detail, and take full control of how you edit.

Flying time is also excellent, at 31 minutes, and it can handle winds up to 24mph.

Plus, you can fly further, with better signal thanks to the Ocusync 2.0 Wifi transmission, similar to DJI’s Mavic Air 2. Compared to the Mavic Mini, Ocusync 2.0 increases the transmission range by 150% to a maximum if 10 km.

“Mavic Mini was a monumental breakthrough for DJI and for drone pilots across the world, as its unprecedented combination of weight, safety, performance, and overall value became the entry point for countless new drone pilots and fans,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director, DJI Europe. “DJI Mini 2 enhances those key aspects, packing larger drone performance in an approachable, small design in the safest drone category that is perfect for beginners and will also impress more experienced pilots.”

The new drone makes it possible to get out and go, without carrying a lot with you, and capture any moment. It feels like the perfect tool for creators into scenic or active adventures, since it covers a range of uses.

DJI has also made sure there are a number of pre-programmed modes to make capturing the moment even easier. From Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang QuickShot modes, each is quick and you can set a limit of 40 to 120 ft for some modes, depending on where you’re shooting.

Panorama photo mode includes Sphere, 180 degree and Wide-Angle, or you can capture images with Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB), for vivid images, and Timed Shots.

Toronto with the DJI Mini 2
Toronto captures with the DJI Mini 2

Tutorials will also guide you through each feature, making sure it’s safer and easier to get flying. Since the drone weighs less than 250 grams, in Canada and some other countries you also won’t need a drone licence, making it easy for new flyers to get started.

And as an extra perfect touch, you can also set the drone’s front LED light to one of a number of colours, adding a bit of a personal touch.

Finally, if you’re ready to share quickly after you fly, the DJI Mini 2 also lets you connect to the drone directly from your phone, without the controller, to download images and video. You can then edit in the DJI Fly app, or use Enhanced Photo to automatically edit your shots for quick results.

DJI will also release extras to go with the Mini 2; 360° Propeller Guards, Mini Bag +, a Charging Display Case to show off the drone, a DIY Creative Kit with custom or blank stickers for the drone, plus a Snap Adapter so you can attach a small LED screen to the top of the Mini 2.

The DJI Mini 2 is available to purchase now for $449 USD; or for $599, the Fly More Combo includes three batteries, a charging hub, the drone, a carrying case, and remote controller.

DJI Care Refresh is also available for the Mini 2, and the 2-year plan will provide up to 3 replacement units, as well as VIP after-sales support.

Stay tuned for more video, images, and my full review.

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