U8TV: Did Valery really leave?

by W. Andrew Powell

This whole situation with Valery and Kalen leaving the loft has created quite a strange environment among fans, U8TV, and the people involved. I’m digging into some behind-the-scenes information, but a lot of what I know I can’t fill you in on for various reasons. All I can say is this, U8TV has obviously glossed over the fact that Kalen and Valery have left and the current Loft Log (#271) actually even has a piece about Valery and Stas and the havoc that has been created because of their long-distance relationship.

Weird, but it seems like U8TV isn’t about to fess-up to the fact that some sort of trouble has made two of our favorite Lofters want to vanish from the spotlight. I do know that Valery chatted with some people on the website before she left about the reasons why she was leaving, but I haven’t been able to find out exactly what she said.

On the other side of things, back at U6TV, I emailed Mathieu about the whole affair and here’s what he had to say about things:


Kalen left for personal reasons. That is the truth and I have to respect his decision. He is not under contract to reveal anything about his life anymore, so I would like to respect his privacy.

Valery left because she was fed up with the project. She was almost [not] hosting any shows anymore and was very hurt by it. She had no fun anymore, so she left. I respect her decision and still truly love her.

Talk to you soon!

For now, that’s all I’ve got…

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