Spotlight on the women of ‘Survivor: Guatemala’

by W. Andrew Powell

For ten seasons Survivor has been one of the most hotly anticipated reality shows on television, and thanks to some of the toughest challenges, and of course, some of the hottest babes, it’s continued to dominate the scene. With the eleventh season, Survivor: Guatemala, kicking off this month it’s looking like another huge season for the series, thanks at least partly to the fact that this could be the toughest competition to date.

As an example, the Survivors had to make an 11-mile hike through the jungles of Central America to start the show, which will primarily take place amidst 2,500 year-old Mayan ruins. Ads for the show have also been promising no less than two dramatic twists.

We think there’s also at least four other reasons to watch the show, and those reasons would be Brianna Varela, Morgan McDevitt, Danni Boatwright, and Brooke Struck. (Sorry, we tried to find you some hunks from the show, but research seems to suggest that there aren’t any this season.)

Whether it’s for the babes or the competition, you can check out Survivor: Guatemala Thursday nights on CBS, or Global in Canada, starting on September 15th. Check out the official site @

All Survivor: Guatemala photos copyright © CBS.

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