Arisa Cox | Big Brother Canada season 9

by W. Andrew Powell
Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back for season 9, starting tonight on Global TV, and it’s going to be another wild season with new twists, and 14 fresh Houseguests to battle it out for the top prize.

Host and executive producer Arisa Cox chatted with me this morning about the new season, and how excited the Big Brother Canada team is to come back after season 8 had to be cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have always been really precious with it,” Cox said, “and then watching it play out the way it did last season… it was really hard for a lot of people. Even for the Houseguests too, right.”

“But we were really eager to do everything we could to make sure that we could come back. We’ve all had a very strange last 12 months, and one thing that people really have missed is human connection. And not just their own human connection with the people around them, but being able to watch that play out in the present.”

Thanks to the diversity of the cast, all of their unique perspectives, and the chance to see people really coming together, Cox suggested that this season is going to be a breath of fresh air for viewers who have missed human connections on TV.

Cox also talked about bringing Teams to Big Brother Canada with the new season, and the ways it will impact the competition, and the wild, post-apocalyptic looking set covered in “vines, greenery, and vegetation,” and how it plays off the new reality.

Watch the interview to hear more about making the new season, and her role as executive producer. Cox also talked about U8TV and The Lofters, the Canadian reality series that she was on back in 2001, and the way it was really ahead of its time.

Season 9 of Big Brother Canada premieres tonight on Global TV starting at 7:00 PM (ET/PT). Livestreams begin starting tonight as well.

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