Chef Barr, Chef Capra and Noah Cappe talk Wall of Chefs Season 2

by W. Andrew Powell
Wall of Chefs

Wall of Chefs is back for season 2, and the series is seriously fun to watch, even if it also makes me wonderfully anxious, imagining what it would be like facing up to “The Wall.”

Canadian home cooks are challenged to cook restaurant-worthy dishes over three rounds, all while 12 of the country’s top chefs watch. Host Noah Cappe keeps things rolling while the literal Wall of Chefs provide commentary, and then vote for who stays and who must leave the show.

Sitting down with me to talk about the series, I spoke to Chef Suzanne Barr, Chef Massimo Capra, and host Noah Cappe about what it’s like bringing their love of cooking together, how Cappe handles that big group of chefs, the challenges for the home cooks, and what makes the show so outstanding.

Watch the full interview below, and tune into Wall of Chefs season 2 on Food Network Mondays at 10:00 PM (ET).

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