Curtiss Cook on The Chi season 5 finale, Douda’s ambitions, his love life, and that “bad guy” status

by W. Andrew Powell

In the season five finale of The Chi, Douda is under a lot of pressure after shooting Q, and one fateful event from the last season has finally caught up with him.

Where does that leave him now, and what will come next for him?

I sat down with star Curtiss Cook, who plays Douda, and we talked about the gangster’s ambition, how the events this season could set him up for things to come for the man who says, “I don’t have a choice. Somebody’s got to be the bad guy.”

“What is the bad guy, you know what I mean? In the case of this all, he understands his role as being maybe the villain, but getting things done can maybe get things done quicker and more efficiently than trying to go through the traditional route sometimes,” Cook said.

“So maybe he’s saying is that, ‘you know what, ‘I’m going to let somebody else try to be the happy-go-politician,’ you know, ‘shaking everybody’s hand and kissing their babies, while I work in the back and do the hard grunt work and make sure things are done.'”

“But we also can’t forget where this guy comes from, right. He was born and raised in time, in an era, where a lot of things weren’t given to them. They had to force their hand. They had to make people do stuff for them and make it happen and with not a lot of resources.”

“So I feel like Douda knows how to handle things when they need to be done and maybe not the most diplomatic way possible. But if you need something done, definitely Douda is one of those people that you need to call.”

The Chi season 5 finale, “I Am The Blues,” starts streaming on Showtime September 2, and airs on September 4. In Canada, watch the finale on Crave.

Update: Watch the interview above or on our YouTube channel to hear him talk about Douda’s love life, ambition, and more.

Series image courtesy of Showtime.

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