Sarah Jeffery on Lego Dreamzzz, her career, fans, and upcoming projects

by W. Andrew Powell

Sarah Jeffery has taken on villains, monsters, and for her latest role she’s up against nightmares with the animated series, Lego Dreamzzz.

The imaginative series follows school friends, with Jeffery as Zoey, as they enter the Dream World together, only to find that the nightmares there, and the Nightmare King, have followed them into the waking world.

The series is magical, with a bit of heart, and a great sense of humour. “The show is larger than life and imaginative,” Jeffery said, and playing Zoey is “so much fun.”

“They told me that she is pretty tough and the cool kid at school, or too cool for school, and that was really fun for me because I tend to play a lot of happy-go-lucky characters–and I’m kind of myself more happy-go-lucky–so getting to dig into my bolder side and play with the attitude was really fun.”

Like most kids, Jeffery was a big fan of Lego when she was growing up, so she really enjoyed getting the chance to play in this world.

“I have always loved playing with Lego sets and Lego bricks, and I had [lots of] Lego as a kid, and it was so great because you could… make whatever you wanted and build your own world, and that’s kind of what we’re doing with the show.”

Some of the Lego Dreamzzz sets even come with a Zoey Minifigure, so she’s excited to see character in person one of these days.

Lego Dreamzzz is also unique, because it’s streaming on a number of services, so anyone can find it. You can find the series streaming now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Pluto TV, and YouTube.

During her impressive career already, the Canadian actress, singer, and dancer has worked on Disney’s Descendants films, the series Shades of Blue, and the Charmed reboot. Coming soon, and for a more mature audience, Jeffery also worked with Tyler Perry for his drama, Six Triple Eight, about the real-life all-Black and all-female battalion who served during World War II.

Watch the full interview with Sarah Jeffery at the top of the story for everything she had to say about Lego Dreamzzz, her upcoming work, her amazing fans, and how she keeps social media healthy.

Photo by Play Management Inc., Lego Dreamzzz images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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