Accused showrunner Howard Gordon on adapting the series and filming in Toronto

by W. Andrew Powell

Accused showrunner and executive producer Howard Gordon sat down to talk about how he aimed to adapt the series from the original BBC production.

Gordon talked about his hope for the series, what it was like filming in Toronto, and the complex production as multiple episodes were in progress at the same time.

Gordon was inspired by the original series, the cast, and a feeling he had watching it. “I felt like something clicked in me. Because I’ve been struggling, I think as a human being, as a writer, as a person of a certain age living in the world today, with how much things are changing and how disoriented I am. Whether it’s race, gender, [or] power, social media has been, I think, terribly corrosive.”

“Now we’re all in possession of alternate facts, and how does that impact us as people? Things are changing faster than we can get our heads around culturally, legally, morally. So this show was like a great way to tell short stories, and to really not hold an audience hostage over eight, or ten, or 24 episodes.”

Watch the interview with Howard Gordon above and watch Accused on Global TV.

Gordon has made a name for himself with some of the biggest dramas in North America, including 24, Homeland, and House.

About the series: Based on the BBC’s BAFTA-winning crime anthology, Accused opens in a courtroom on the defendant, with viewers knowing nothing about their crime or how they ended up on trial. Told from the defendant’s point of view through flashbacks, the show holds a mirror up to current times with evocative and emotional stories. In the end, audiences will discover how an ordinary person gets caught up in extraordinary circumstances, and how one impulsive decision can impact the course of that life — and the lives of others — forever.

Accused “Scott’s Story” with Michael Chiklis

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