CTV correspondent Sheri Block on covering The Royal Wedding

by W. Andrew Powell

CTV correspondent Sheri Block

CTV correspondent Sheri Block

The buzz has been tremendous, and tomorrow is the big day when Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton tie the royal knot at Westminster Abbey in England.

While news organizations from around the world have gone out of their way to create special coverage of the royal wedding and the surrounding events, Canada’s own CTV has a somewhat unique approach with a website, www.theroyals.ca, dedicated to covering the entire event with a group of their top journalists and correspondents.

Here’s what CTV Royal correspondent Sheri Block had to say about the royal wedding coverage, her trip to England, and what she considers some of the highlights.

Andrew:You’re part of a big team for Bell Media’s coverage of the Royal Wedding. Have you gotten a sense how you fit into that group? What do you bring to that group of reporters?

Sheri: “Yes, and I have to say I’m so excited to be part of the team! I represent the digital side of the content so will be writing, blogging, taking pictures and sending videos to post on our website TheRoyals.ca. I want to give our readers and viewers a fun, fresh perspective on the wedding of the century.”

Andrew:Despite the fact that Canada is fairly autonomous from England, a lot of Canadians are obsessed with the Royals. Why do you think that is?

Sheri: “This isn’t our grandparents’ generation, the obsession has become more of a celebrity fascination. I think Canadians are obsessed with William in particular, because a lot of them have watched him grow up. Everyone wants a happy ending for Diana’s son. The fact that he could become the next king doesn’t hurt either. Kate has also renewed a lot of interest in The Royals with the younger generation. If she wasn’t as well-spoken, elegant and beautiful as she is, I would argue there wouldn’t be nearly as much excitement about this wedding.”

Andrew:What are you most looking forward to about covering the Royal Wedding?

Sheri: “This really is a dream assignment for me. Not only is London my favourite city in the world, just being at such a historic event is very exciting. I remember watching Charles and Diana get married with my mom as a little girl and I’ll never forget those images of the long train on her wedding gown trailing down the aisle and them waving to the crowd in the horse-drawn carriage. I can’t wait to get there and soak up the atmosphere, load up on tacky merchandise, and of course get a glimpse of the bride and groom on the big day.”

Andrew:How long will you be in England and what are some of the things you’ll be seeing and doing while you’re covering the big event?

Sheri: “I will be there for a week. I will be taking the official Will and Kate Walking Tour to see if I can glean any more insights into the happy couple, talking to locals and tourists alike, writing daily entries about my experiences and doing a live blog for TheRoyals.ca.”

Andrew: Why do you think people should be tuning into the website to get their Royal fix?

Sheri: “TheRoyals.ca is really the ultimate place to experience Will and Kate’s wedding. Not only can you watch the wedding live beginning at 3 a.m. ET, you can interact with our panel of experts in the live chat, watch up to the minute reports from CTV Royal Correspondents – including myself – on the ground in London, and get all the breaking news and pictures. There is also a wealth of information on the website now, including original features, an expansive collection of photo galleries chronicling Will and Kate’s fairytale romance and other significant Royal events, an interactive London map and a virtual guestbook for readers to sign.”

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