TIFF 07: Ready or not, here I come

by W. Andrew Powell

Going into the 2007 TIFF I know I should feel upset that I don’t have scheduled interviews with Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, Charlize Theron, or George Clooney, but I really don’t care. The problem with most celebrity interviews during the festival is that they last 5-10 minutes at most, you’re only the 100th person who has interviewed this particular star today, and they’re usually tired and cranky.

Plus, good luck if you’re an independent website proving why you deserve time with Brad or George when Variety, The Toronto Star, and the entire E! network all want half an hour with them.

So rather than waste my time there, I’d much rather head to a press conference where I get photos and an hour’s worth of quotes, and usually there are three or four stars on hand to chat together, rather than separately. Plus, I’ve got interviews with a number of filmmakers and actors who actually want to talk to the media and have some interesting films at the fest. Over the next week I also know I’ll run in to the occaisonal person worth chatting with, and there will no doubt be last-minute interviews as well.

Plus, there’s the movies. I usually get tied up in too many press conferences and red carpets, and while I’m still going to have hundreds of photos to show you, this year I’m going to make sure I see more movies. Which of course means more movie reviews.

I’m also going to have video from some interviews and events this year, and while I had a lot of audio clips last year, I expect to have way more for 2007.

Stay tuned! The festival kicks off tomorrow, so I’ll be on the red carpet for Fugitive Pieces, the first gala, and more than likely I’ll also be at the after party for photos as well.

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