TIFF 07 – Day 2: Moments with ‘Young People’

by W. Andrew Powell

The Brave One - Terrence Howard & Jodie Foster

Today has been a bit of a mess, and it’s only 2:30.

I arrived at the press conference for The Brave One, with stars Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard, and discovered that the rumours from yesterday were true. Festival organizers had been having trouble for years with photographers making too much noise and being too in-your-face to the stars in attendence, so they decided to make a change. For the first press conference they cut off photos after 2 minutes, but seeing that everyone was basically upset, they altered the rule and just forced photographers to the back of the room. Looks like it worked, so far, but it’s still really noisy when half the photographers decide to shoot bursts of 10-20 photos in a row.

Check out the photos from the Brave One press conference.

Anyway, from there I jumped out early to interview the director of Young People Fucking, Martin Gero, and writer/actor Aaron Abrams. The catch was that in my notes I had the interview down for 15 minutes after it started, so I’ve been waiting for the guys to become available again.

During that time however I ended up getting surrounded by the rest of the cast, including Josh Dean, Carly Pope, Kristin Booth, and Natalie Lisinska, as they went from one interview to the next. I’m not going to go into all the details, but lets just say that some of the guys were envious about the oodles of swag the girls are walking away with, and they’re also all making their plans for the parties and events tonight, including the Schmooze.

They were also looking through all of the press that’s been coming out about them and the film, and it’s pretty funny hearing the reactions. Along the lines of “What did they say?” and “Did you see this picture?”

Fugitive Pieces - Rosamund Pike & Jeremy Podeswa

Oh, and last night I got some decent shots from the Fugitive Pieces red carpet, which opened the festival.

More to come soon. Should have some audio, quotes and photos from Young People Fucking, and photos from the Schmooze.

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