TIFF 07 – Days 5 to 7: When do I get to sleep, exactly?

by W. Andrew Powell

2007 TIFFWow. It’s already day 7 of the film fest and I’m realizing that today is my last full day seeing films and going to press conferences. I’ve spent the last 3 days of the festival getting up around 7:00 AM and going to bed around midnight, and then repeating it all again the next day.

Let me get you caught up to what I’ve been doing…

Sunday night, after my last post, I went to see Across the Universe, which was a great movie for music and visuals, but lacked anything beyond a basic story. The first movie it made me think of also happened to be Moulin Rouge, and it wasn’t even half as good as that.

On Monday I spent my time in the movies and also caught the press conference for Lars and the Real Girl (photos and audio will be online tomorrow). Went to see King of California, which was fantastic, and Silk, which was kind of slow, plodding and boring – beautiful looking film though.

Yesterday I went to see The Tracey Fragments, which was much better than I thought and had an amazing, artistic style. And I also saw George A. Romero‘s Diary of the Dead – the first of his films I’ve ever seen in a theatre. Great movie right up until the end, although I wasn’t blown away by his take on video blogging, and I also can’t help but feel the ending lacked any punch. Finished off the night with Aisha at the gala for Cleaner which was a surprising film, but was a tad bit see-through.

Which brings us to today. I’m headed off now for Son of Rambow (I’m interviewing Hammer & Tongs on Friday), followed by press conferences (and photos) for Cassandra’s Dream and Reservation Road. I’m then taking a TIFF break to play Halo 3 for 4 hours (I’m going to have to sign a non-disclosure agreement though, so I won’t be able to say much about it until release day) with the Xbox folks, and then I’m off to three films, back-to-back.

Should have updates later today, but you’ll see the biggest fresh content tomorrow. But, sadly, the festival is coming to an end, and I can only think that I’m about ready for some sleep. [laugh]

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