Netflix reviving ‘Arrested Development’ for U.S. viewers

by W. Andrew Powell
Arrested Development

Arrested Development
If you’re a Canadian Netlix user, there’s good news this week, but there’s also bad news.

The good news is that Netflix is bringing Arrested Development back for a fourth season with all the talent involved once again, including Jason Bateman and producer/narrator Ron Howard.

The bad news, at least for Canadians, is that the series will only appear on Netflix in the United States.

This makes me ask, as I’ve wondered for a while, if Netflix is a bit of a waste of time in Canada? The service can be excellent, the video delivery is fine, and they have a pretty decent amount of content, but the problem is that I measure Netflix by what they don’t have. If the company is basically saying that they can’t get the rights fixed for Arrested Development to run in Canada, it may be the final straw for me.

I can live without Nightmare Before Christmas and Army of Darkness (two films I wanted to stream over Halloween), I can live without all of the recent movies Netflix doesn’t have, and while I appreciate that you have every episode of Sliders and X-Files, not having the fourth season of Arrested Development may be too much for me.

I can pretty much guarantee–like many shows before it–you’re just going to force people to pirate the episodes, and frankly, while I understand the legality behind it all, I really can’t blame them for wanting their favorite show at the same time the American population gets it.

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