‘Lost’ recap: Return of the smoke monster

by W. Andrew Powell

Last night’s new episode of Lost, “The Shape of Things to Come,” was actually better than I expected and apparently someone has been paying attention to my calls for the return of the Smoke Monster.

For those of you who are fans of Lost but missed last night’s show, you may want to stop reading here.

So, what did we learn last night? The most mind-boggling thing for me was that Ben controls the Smoke Monster somehow. Maybe it’s like a golem or the Kraken, but he definitely sent it after those men that were after him.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. First of all, we see Locke playing the board game Risk with Hurley and Sawyer. There is a comment made about Australia being the key to the game, and next thing we know Ben’s daughter Alex lets her captors (some guys with guns) into the area, and Ben has them all fortifying the main house.

We see some random people blown away (saw it coming a mile away), Sawyer runs to save Claire, and then her house explodes. Don’t fear though, she’s obviously not dead (yet?). We are then treated to a stand-off between Ben and the leader of the armed men coming to take him away, with Alex held as bait, and the next thing we know Alex is dead because her father wouldn’t give himself up.

Now, the key point here is that Ben claims the armed guys have broken some set of rules. Ben goes into a secret passage, through a stone wall, and when he comes back the whole room shakes and the Smoke Monster emerges, and attacks the whole crew of armed men. No explanation, but the others look shocked.

After this they all escape the area, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire and the ghost-whisperer Miles start to leave, but Locke won’t let them take Hurley since he’s the only one who seems to be able to find the cabin where Jacob exists. In the end Hurley says he’ll go with them, but Miles goes with the others to the beach (when are we gonna get Miles and Jacob in the same room together??).

In a flash forward, we see Ben and Sayeed meeting for the first time off the island. Ben basically gets Sayeed involved in hunting down one of Charles Widmore’s assistants, who may or may not have killed Sayeed’s wife. Sayeed pledges himself to killing more of Widmore’s people in revenge, and Ben uses a key he has to then visit Widmore. For killing Alex on the island Ben says he will hunt down Widmore’s daughter, Penelope, who Desmond Hume loves and has been trying to reach.

Otherwise, we saw Jack and friends dealing with a dead body that washed up on shore. It turns out that it’s the doctor from the boat. When they get Daniel Faraday to fix the radio to handle Morse code, we discover the doctor is currently alive on the boat (gotta love that time dilation around the island), and Daniel tried to lie about the message. Daniel essentially reveals that no rescuers are coming for Jack and his people.

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