TIFF 2002 poster

TIFF chaos is finally here

by W. Andrew Powell

After a long, long wait, the Festival has finally started! Yes, it’s every media and movie nut’s favorite time of the year–schmooze time! That time of the year when everyone with a pass looks important, when die hard fans clutch desperately at their pens and pads of paper as they dodge security trying to get autographs, and photographers climb lamp-posts trying to get that ideal shot for the cover of Big Shot Magazine. It’s the time of year when a whole industry dines daily on popcorn and other expensive delectables from the greasy movie theatre concession stands, and it’s also that time when it’s not uncommon seeing someone carrying around a pillow as they run from theatre to theatre trying to catch as many shows as possible.

So, with that chaos in mind, I’m going to wade through as many films as possible, get as many photos as I can, and bring you all the latest stories that I might have to tell. I can’t promise stories of how I took Mena Suvari out to lunch, or partied with the biggest names in town, but I’ll do my best to live it up, just for you valued readers out there who are depending on me to live a little vicariously.

Today, I don’t have much planned yet. There are no press conferences, so I’ll most likely just hit one or two screenings tonight – like The Good Thief or Secretary. I would also love to drop in on the Gala Screening of Ararat, but if I want to catch a screening tonight, that probably won’t work out.

I should also just add that I’ve already arranged an interview with Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness fame), who appears in a film called Bubba Ho-Tep and the cast of the film Welcome to Collinwood, which includes George Clooney, William H. Macy and a lot of other big names.

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