Planning my strategy for TIFF

by W. Andrew Powell

To start off my festival experience, I went to see Nick Nolte in The Good Thief–a film that easily swept me off my feet and totally surprised me. I am so surprised by how much I loved this film. I’m working on the review still, but I hope to have it up tomorrow morning before I run out to the first films of the morning. Unfortunately, I got some bad news tonight.

If you had hoped to see an interview with Leelee Sobieski, who stars in L’Idole (The Idol), you’re out of luck. I can’t make it to any of the screenings, and Leelee is too busy for any more interviews. I also can’t make it to the roundtable interviews with the cast of Welcome To Collinwood. It’s really too bad, but I wouldn’t trade my interview with Bruce Campbell for anyone.

Aside from that, tomorrow is still all up in the air, but I am intending to see a documentary film called Welcome to Columbine, which takes on the whole gun issues in the U.S. Otherwise, there’s also the possibility that I’ll go see Morvern Callar, Raising Victor Vargas, The Lover, and of course, Bubba Ho-Tep! Wish me luck.

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