From the archives: photos from TIFF of yester-year

Christina Ricci

My computers are filled with photos and videos that I’ve shot over the years. Ignoring all of the photos I haven’t even scanned from my film days, I’ve got close to a terabyte of content that I’ve shot over the years.

Recently, I started going through my photo archives from all of these yester-years and I can’t believe some of the shots I have from the Toronto International Film Festival. There are of course some not so-great photos (thanks, old digital cameras and dark press conference rooms), but there are also some interesting shots of basically a huge group of Hollywood’s current A-list stars.

Since I’ve been contemplating re-sharing some of them for a while, here are a few samples just from TIFF 2005 – unedited for the most part. There’s Christina Ricci from the red carpet for Penelope, Kate Hudson from the Elizabethtown red carpet, Morgan Freeman at the Edison press conference, Reese Witherspoon from the Walk The Line press conference, and Johnny Depp at the Corpse Bride press conference.

What I can’t get over is how young everyone looks!

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