Vibrant, eye-popping colour with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

by W. Andrew Powell
Sunnyside Beach with the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Toronto, you’re gorgeous. Especially through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I rarely make it down to the waterfront, but there are some stunning views in this city, and I’m so glad I caught one morning along Sunnyside Park and the boardwalk recently.

Over the years, I’ve been up a lot of mornings to try and capture that special light you only get when it’s a bit misty as the sun is rising, and I haven’t always been all that successful. But I love how the Galaxy S10+ made the city look.

For starters, look at the contrast and depth of tone in the images. The Galaxy S10+ uses a scene optimizer to pick a mode automatically (for instance, portraits or landscape), helping you get the most of any shot without worrying about all the settings that go into capturing the light correctly.

Then, there’s the colour. The Galaxy S10+ offers some of the most realistic colours I’ve seen from a smartphone, and you can see what I mean in the shots below. The blues look more realistic, and there’s a natural gradient to the sky, which is often hard to capture without a DSLR.

And while there are other things I love about the phone too, the ultra-wide camera also does an amazing job capturing a whole scene, rather than just a portion of it.

I shot a fair bit of video while I was out, to show how steady the camera is, even when you’re walking, so I’ll share that next. And overall, there are just a lot of reasons to be impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

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