Food, travel and live channels on Roku

by W. Andrew Powell

In September, Roku announced their latest lineup of devices for 2019, and at the same time they revealed a big update for The Roku Channel. Beyond the popular movies and TV shows, the channel also now features 14 live streaming channels, including some great food and travel programming.

Heading into winter, I can’t think if a better time for the news and entertainment channels that Roku has added within their own Roku Channel. It’s that time of year when it’s just great to take a break, grab a hot chocolate, curl up on the couch with a blanket, and watch something.

All of the channels, like The Roku Channel itself, are free to stream from any Roku device, including the new Roku Premiere. If you love sports, crime stories, celebrity gossip, funny videos, pets, cooking, movies, or travel, there’s a channel that will interest you.

For me, Tastemade and Food52 are the standout best channels, with recipes to make, cooking shows, and for Tastemade, even a mix of travel with food. FilmRise’s Free Movies channel is packed with major movies, like The Illusionist, Spotlight, and The Passion of The Christ. They also have a Classic TV channel that includes 3rd Rock From the Sun and Midsommer Murders.

For something a lot more relaxed, you can also just watch AFV (as in, America’s Funniest Home Videos) any time, which is shockingly addictive, or the People Are Awesome channel which is just epic videos of people doing amazing things (kind of the opposite of what AFV is all about, really).

For more about the new streaming channels, watch the video below as Roku’s director of communications, Mike Duin, talks about the new live channels.

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