TIFF Report – Day 2 Begins

by W. Andrew Powell

2006_Toronto_International_Film_Festival_posterAt this point in the festival it’s all about managing conflicts. Do I review a film, cover a press conference, schedule an interview, or write things up? Saturday is the ultimate scheduling mess for me right now, although Sunday is looking scary too. There’s just no chance in hell though that I’m missing a few key events, like the press conferences for A Good Year or Babel, and I’m really looking forward to chatting with some of the cast of Citizen Duane, but there are so many casualties.

For instance, I won’t be able to see The Last Kiss, which was a key film I was looking forward to, and I’ve already missed screenings for a few other films that are now pretty much done.

But today I have managed to fit some cool things in. Already saw Shortbus, which was steamy and wicked at times, but a really brilliant film – sometimes even because of the raunch. And I’m planning to head over to the press conference as well in a couple hours.

After that I’m aiming to head to the Gala Red Carpet for Penelope (how can I miss a chance to get shots of Christina Ricci??), and then I have to rush home to get ready for the Star! Schmooze at the Chum Building (where Adam from andpop.com and I have to chat about some collaborative efforts).

And then I’m planning to hit the red carpet on Bloor street for Volver, which will feature Penelope Cruz.

So, that’s my night. Wish me luck! Lots more to follow – don’t forget to check out the daily Festival Access podcast, which launched last night (it’s a look back at 2005 for the first episode).

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