TIFF Report – On the red carpet

by W. Andrew Powell

Marion Cotillard & Russell Crowe

Marion Cotillard & Russell Crowe

Right now, literally at this moment, I’m on the red carpet waiting for Brad Pitt to come down for the gala presentation of Babel. The fact that I can blog from the carpet is thanks to Toronto’s brand new One Zone wireless network that’s blanketting the downtown core. It’s slow at times, as I’m sure media guys around me are uploading photos, but it’s pretty handy.

The highlight of the red carpet so far was Russell Crowe (yes, I’m shooting him again) going across the street and signing autographs for about 10 minutes. Now though, all the photographers are playing the waiting game, wondering what time Brad (and maybe Angelina?) will show up.

After this I’m tempted to go screen the film at 10pm, or go to the red carpet for Paul Haggis‘ Oscar party, but I may not have the energy for all that.

The thing is, tomorrow is a huge day. I’m going to be stuck in press conferences for about 4 hours or more, and then I also have an interview, and the One x One party, not to mention the party for Shortbus. So I may just head home after this – what a party animal, right?

Andrew on the red carpet

Andrew on the red carpet

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