TIFF Report – Day 4: No movies, extra Pitt

by W. Andrew Powell

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt on the red carpet for Babel

I can’t write much right now as I’m rushing off to get photos and audio from the Babel press conference with Brad Pitt, but I wanted to at least post a bit of details on last night and the day ahead.

The red carpet last night was interesting, but crazy. Brad didn’t show up until very close to the start of the gala, and then he went and hung out with the fans for a good 5 minutes before coming back and breezing past the photographers. It wasn’t until the press complained that his handlers/PR folks went and got him along with his co-stars, and posed for a bit. That said, I still didn’t get much. A few little shots here and there, but nothing mind blowing.

At 11:00 though, during this press conference, I hope to get the good stuff. Press conference photos aren’t quite as exciting as the red carpet, but I expect I can do a notch better than last night all the same. After that I have press conference all day (one with Zach Braff for The Last Kiss that I’m really looking forward to), and then the Shortbus party tonight, after the red carpet for One x One (the benefit event).

Well, off I go! Guess it will be tomorrow before I see any films again. (You can find the Brad/Babel photos over in the Photo Gallery and I’ll have audio in the podcast tonight.)

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