Aside from the surprisingly clever story (especially for a direct-to-DVD sequel), and actors , , and , I can think of one other great reason to check out later today when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray: South African model and actress .

She’s fun-loving, amusing, and a very hot love interest for Goss, and despite the fact that she is barely in the extra features (that had to be a mistake), Phoenix is in the movie just long enough to make you wonder what she’ll be appearing in next. If we’re very lucky though, it’s going to be in the new Wonder Woman series, but you may have to cross your fingers for that show to even get made.

Stay tuned for a video later today with Goss and Phoenix, plus Death Race 2 director , but until then I’ll just leave you with this teaser photo from the . Try not to drool all over your keyboards, boys and girls.

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