MMVAs: The party & the pix

by W. Andrew Powell

MMVAs 2007 - Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne @ the 2007 MMVAs

The MuchMusic Video Awards have come and gone, but the thousand plus photos I shot will always be around. Yep, it was a great night at Queen & John, and I’m still just getting through all the photos I shot, but I thought I’d post a little teaser. Got a lot of good shots of Avril Lavigne and Billy Talent performing, not to mention a bunch of red carpet shots, and a few in the press room.

The only bad news is that I don’t have a single quote or audio clip from the entire night. Was in total camera mode and it was either get the shot or get the quote, and I chose the shots.

Stay tuned, I’ll have a lot of the photos up by tonight.

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