Yearbook Production House Presents: If You Say Too Much, Kira Thiphavong’s Debut Short Film

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Yearbook Production House finalizes post production on their debut original film, titled If You Say Too Much, starring Saba Askari and Logan Cade Brickwood.

Written and directed by Kira Thiphavong, this short fantasy drama follows the story of Margo; a young girl who travels in her lucid dreams to find her beloved friend, Oliver.

Featuring unique cinematography from Jenelle Hagerman, this story will take audiences through a visual illustration of Kira Thiphavong’s creative mind. This project is said to release in 2022, and will remain under wraps until January.

“Being Laotian, it’s important to see more Asian-Canadian female voices because it’s such a marginalized group in major film industries. It’s important that this story is told, since its creation is from a set of underrepresented voices, something that needs to happen more” (K. Thiphavong, December 17, 2021).

Parallel to the development of If You Say Too Much, Kira co-founded a production company with these same values in mind, titled Yearbook. The company was founded on the same beliefs that every creative voice deserves an opportunity to share a story. Kira’s co-partners, Saba Askari and Jenelle Hagerman, are of the same mindset.

“Yearbook was founded with the same mindset, we’re all about giving opportunities to women, BIPOC, and young emerging artists. We’ve created an environment for safety, sensitivity, and creative ideas to flourish, which is directly reflected into our productions. We’re grass roots, and still very young as a company, but we’re growing and eagerly learning every step of the way” (K. Thiphavong, personal interview, December 17, 2021).

Follow along with the journey, and discover the latests updates on future Yearbook productions at

For more information on If You Say Too Much, visit their website.

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