Director Goran Stolevski on Housekeeping For Beginners | Interview

by W. Andrew Powell

Housekeeping For Beginners is Goran Stolevski’s third feature film, and with each project the accomplished writer and director is crafting deeper, richer, and bolder stories that touch on meaningful human perspectives.

His latest film is an incredible LGBTQIA+ drama about love, loss, and finding the people you belong with. It’s poignant, and cheeky, and feels like a real slice of life.

“I go into every film with the principle that every scene and key moment needs to feel like it was found or stumbled upon,” he said, “rather than staged, and I want it to feel like it’s almost a documentary.”

“But at the same time, I think you can go deep into that very thing, that vortex, and things can become hodgepodge. I still want a clear emotional throughline for a viewer, when they’re watching a film. So, while I’m shooting, authenticity is the key to protecting the actors’ body and mental state, while guiding them through these feelings is the key.”

“Getting enough to edit is the key, and that’s why editing is extremely important to me at the end.”

He also added that he gives the actors the room to do what feels right to them, so it feels more organic.

“I’m very much in their hands, with my actors, because if I tell them what to do, it ends up being very mechanical.”

Stolevski worked primarily with untrained actors, and in particular, had a wild experience working with child actor Dzada Selim, who brings a lot of character to the film. Watch the full interview with Stolevski above.

Housekeeping For Beginners premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2023, where it won the Queer Lion Award, and the film is out in theatres now in Canada.

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