Review: Wine Country

Aimed squarely at an audience that’s barely too old for the likes of Bridesmaids and Girls Trip, but too young for the stylings of Book Club or this week’s Poms, director and star Amy Poehler’s surprisingly hilarious ensemble comedy Wine Country is a party flick for the firmly middle aged.

Review: Knock Down the House

A rousing and insightful look at the divisions currently occurring in American politics today, Rachel Lears’ inspiring and entertaining documentary Knock Down the House is less about examining a specific movement within the Democratic Party and more about the people attempting to implement much needed changes to a stagnating two-party system.

Review: UglyDolls

UglyDolls is an animated adventure based on a toy line that’s waning in popularity, with a nice message about accepting one’s own imperfections that’s aimed squarely at kids who still see their childhood playthings as their best friends.

Review: Long Shot

Take The American President, Notting Hill, and Pretty Woman and put them into a blender with some modern political subtext, copious amounts of illegal substances, and a handful of jokes about unfortunately timed erections and you’ll get Jonathan Levine’s Long Shot, a film that’s far more charming, sweet, and hilarious than it sounds.