Review: Class Action Park

Both an loving ode to “carefree” times gone by and a cautionary, critical look at greed and negligence writ large, Seth Porges and Chris Charles Scott’s playful and pointed documentary Class Action Park will inspire equal parts nostalgia and sadness, especially amongst those who literally lived through trips to possibly the most infamous amusement park in American history.

Review: Tenet

More dynamic and dense than anything else in his back catalogue, yet familiar in tone and appearance, filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s latest effort, Tenet, will leave his legions of ardent admirers pleasantly satiated, while probably leaving just as many people scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Review: Flannery

A decent, but unexceptional primer on the life and works of one of the most exalted American authors of the 20th century, Flannery follows a boilerplate documentary template of talking heads and narrated selections from the CV of its subject to offer up the kind of film that’s best viewed as a basic educational lesson.