Review: The Front Runner

The Front Runner, director Jason Reitman’s look inside a cultural moment in time that helped alter the course of modern journalism, follows along in the tonal vein of other recently minted film and television looks at politicians falling from grace, but it also finds the filmmaker and his chosen star in reinvigorated form.

Review: Green Book

A well intentioned and certainly entertaining crowd pleaser, Green Book belongs to the same cinematic pedigree as films like Driving Miss Daisy, The Help, and The Blind Side; movies where a white person and a black person will reach a common form of human understanding during times of racial segregation or hardship.

Review: Transit

A chilling, innovative, and sometimes darkly comedic look at the rise of modern day fears and the scars of fascism, Christian Petzold’s Transit takes a premise that has been mined in the past with tasteless results and turns it into something immediate and important.