Review: Dark Phoenix

Bringing a reported close to the nearly twenty year cycle of X-Men movies for Twentieth Century Fox (although, depending on where you draw that line, it could only be nine years for the end of this cycle), Dark Phoenix caps things off with a half-hearted shrug of a climax where no one involved – in front of or behind the camera – seems like they want to be there very much.

Review: Project Ithaca

A messy, overly convoluted, and ultimately disappointing sci-fi/horror mash-up, Project Ithaca takes a kernel of an original and novel idea, bogs it down with cliches, and talks more about how cool and smart it thinks it is instead of showing the audience anything remotely entertaining or intelligent.

Review: Ma

Ma, a silly B-movie thriller from prestige picture director Tate Taylor (The Help, Get On Up) and starring Octavia Spencer as a murderous middle aged woman terrorizing a group of hard partying teens, is an oddly entertaining film with enough good ideas and basic storytelling chops to paper over the fact that it’s all a bit flimsy and obvious upon closer scrutiny.

Review: Sorry for Your Loss

The mediocre and largely forgettable Canadian comedy Sorry for Your Loss blandly mashes together a bunch of easily digestible cliches about life, death, and family, jokes that are deliberately made in poor taste, and a handful of good performers putting in decent work for an ultimately losing cause.