U8TV: The Article

by W. Andrew Powell

A long, long time ago people started doing something called, “live television.” It wasn’t called Survivor, Big Brother or anything else… it was just live television and that was all that was on. As the years have passed, that has changed to the absolute polar opposite. Today, every show that is on is pre-taped and then edited to be as catchy and marketable as possible.

Well, now that’s all changing because of one new idea… it’s called U8TV and I’m doing whatever it takes to get on the show.

U8TV is the brainchild of TVForReal.com and Alliance/Atlantis and coming this fall, it will probably be Canada’s claim-to-fame in the world of Ed TV wannabes and reality based shows. The genius is that this isn’t just some Survivor knock-off. As the website proclaims, “The ‘stars’ do not get eliminated. No one gets voted off. There is no prize money.” So what’s so bleeding special about it you ask? Everything.

The show and website will be geared towards a young, hip audience who will tune in over the web or on the TV to see a group of 8 people who are always under the surveillance of cameras. Along with this, the group will help host and produce shows and content for online and on the Life Network. Some of the show ideas are awesome, like watching two lofters (yes, that’s their name) in their twin tubs, in the unisex bathroom, as they talk about love & sex.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as another show called Dare U will have the lofters going out to complete challenges that viewers write write in with. It’s functioning, bright television that will be an artist’s easel for people with any real personality. And what I’ve mentioned so far is barely even a piece of the drama. There’s also interviews, contests/games, two lofters per room, and tons more. No one really knows what will happen but it’s bound to be better than Big Brother!

So now you ask, “Where do I,” Andrew Powell, “fit into all of this?” Why, I’m going to audition for the show. You see, Monday September 25th at 8am to 9pm there will be auditions here in Toronto for anyone who wants to show up. I’m going to be there, ready to impress and get myself a lofter job (It is a job, they pay you and give you a free room!) and I’ll be writing everything down to share with you. One way or another I’ll have a story to tell you. The only question is whether it will be on here as a writer or on U8TV as a true, blue lofter.

Check back next week and we’ll see which way the pendulum swings. I’m inclined to think this could be the break I’ve been expecting for a long time… in the end this will be some of the best TV around I bet. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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