U8TV: The Vote

by W. Andrew Powell

The dust has settled and through it, 25 finalists emerge to stand trial for their lives and the future of a new media experience.

After enduring nearly 2 months of waiting (and after 2 weeks I figured I wasn’t a “chosen one”) the short list of potential Lofters has been handed down from the U8TV gods, and it’s half pretty and half weird.

As I expected (and probably anyone who met the guy) Kalen, the spiked hair, metal studded, photo dude has made it into the 25. Along with him a variety of people ranging 19 to 29 have been put up on the block for votes from the general populous. There’s artists, journalists, dancers, DJs and carpenters with interests in everything from stardom to just being able to “put off my real life for a year.” [Sandy, 22 – Vancouver, B.C.]

Along with the finalists the website has gone through some dramatic changes into something a little more techno and a little less artsy. The sleek new design speaks volumes on the style and image U8TV is aiming for.

With these changes and the next step being taken towards choosing the final 8 Lofters one thing hasn’t changed: it’s still a damn cool idea. It’s not looking cheesy and farcical like Big Brother; there’s very little sign of U8TV trying to exploit these people with plots or bad schemes. Although that could change pretty damn quick, I have a feeling that this isn’t like Blind Date’s recent attack on the dating populace of Toronto (which leaves me thinking a lot of the dates were set up for a disaster on the sub-atomic scale).

All said and done, we’ve still got a lot of waiting to do before we really find out what happens next but I have a feeling that Kalen will end up being one of the main people to watch when the final 8 are announced. Just make sure you go vote on these 25 lucky goofs, ’cause only you can prevent stupid TV.

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